Terms and Conditions

Full payment will be taken upon booking, to guarantee that your booking is secured.
As soon as you book, you will automatically receive an “Order Pending” email.

We will then check your order and make sure that all details are entered correctly. Once we book you in, we will send you an “Order Confirmed” email in which you will need to print out and bring it with you or you could show it on a mobile phone device.

All payments are in Fijian Dollars (FJD) only. Refunds will also be paid in FJD. Please note that the payment amount may be slightly different due to currency fluctuation.

If you cancel within 1 Month of your travel time, there will be No Refund.

If you cancel before the 1 Month of your travel time, you will be refunded 50% of the payment made.

If your cruise ship could not dock or your plane could not land because of bad weather condition, we will refund you the full amount of the payment made.

There will be no last minute bookings allowed. All bookings are to be done 2 months prior to traveling date.

If your flight/cruise ship is being delayed, you will need to advise us as soon as you can, so we could advise the other suppliers. If you do not advise us on the delay then you will be charged for this.

To cancel booking, you will need to send us an email on info@myfiji.deals or phone +679 7919111 / 7776666

We will then send you a cancellation voucher. However we recommend you have travel insurance to cover any possible cancellation costs

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​MyFiji.deals is 100 percent Fijian Owned.

​In addition to providing the best possible service for our clientele, MyFiji.deals, ​as a locally owned company, ​is committed to providing employment in our community.

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